Since ancient times, sapphire has been a well-known gemstone, drawing the interest of artisans with its regal appearance, vibrant hue, and captivating brilliance. The best part of sapphire is that it is available in many colors, including light blue sapphire, orange sapphire, pink sapphire, and many more. The name of this captivating gemstone comes from the Greek word sappheiros, which was most likely used to describe lapis lazuli.

For decades, sapphire has been known for wisdom and good fortune, which are associated with royalty. This is a lucky gemstone for people born in September month and the gem for the 5th and 45th anniversaries. This gem consists of calming and healing properties.



When purchasing a saphhire gemstone, you must go through with a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gemological laboratory. However, the certificate consists of all detailed information, including the stone's characteristics, cut, carat weight, clarity, and other experiments or treatments. A well-certified sapphire offers peace of mind and quality assurance.



The cutting style of sapphire signifies its shine and brilliance. If you're considering stone's light reflection and dispersion, go with the well-proportionate cuts. You can make sapphire in round, oval, cushion and emerald cuts according to your choice or the astrologer's recommendation. When choosing the proper cut for your sapphire, consider the type of jewelry you plan to make or the setting in which it will be set.



When considering natural sapphires, it's normal to have little flaws inside them, which are referred to as inclusions. But if a sapphire looks perfect without any flaws, this is a sign that indicates its fakeness. These flaws can affect how shiny and robust the sapphire is, making it less valuable. An original sapphire should be clear, transparent and flawless without any inclusions.


Sapphire stone is known for its blue color and has become a preferable choice for many individuals. This is also available in other colors: pink, green, yellow, purple, and black. In general, the most intense color of sapphire is considered the most valuable gem. It is worth mentioning that violet-blue and velvety blue are the most demanding and have high price tags.

Carat Weight

The sapphire stone weighs in carats, similar to diamonds, because they are lightweight, whereas large or heavy rocks have a high price per carat. Carat weight is just one characteristic of sapphire, whereas other characteristics include color, clarity, and cut. To get the best sapphire for yourself, clarify all considerations such as weight, budget, and thickness of gemstone.


Sapphire gemstones are undegrone through various treatments to maintain their shine, color, and clarity. Heat treatment is one of the common treatments among them and is used to improve their shine, appearance, and diffusion. All these processes are done to alter the color.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to color choice, individuals can choose according to their preferences and tastes. But you must remember that when purchasing any gemstone, either London blue topaz, amethyst stones, or any other precious stone, confirm it from a well-known jeweler to determine its identity as fake or real.